Top-Rated 8 Small Living Room Ideas By Best Interior Designers in Pune

Currently, hundreds of people accommodated studio apartments and small homes. Given small space in these homes, it is essential to work-our furniture layout for better space utilization. There is plethora of varieties of furniture stores in Pune, and today you can buy your furniture online as well. When it comes to living room – which is often hub of a house, choosing and arranging furniture might feel like an impossible thing to do. Fortunately, it is possible to have small living room and still feel spacious.
The key to making spacious living room lies in careful selection of furniture. You need to find living room furniture that fits the space. With best interior designer in Pune, you can get creative in your layout and find ways to arrange your furniture that reflects your personality without taking up space. You don’t have to start from scratch, keep reading to end and find out top hacks for your living room.

Best Feature’s

Believe it or not! Each room has its own best features. Small living room is often strategically constructed and has a certain point called focal points. You can go for online furniture store in Pune and order furniture that make your living room appealing. In case your room has plenty of light, then it is highly recommended to go for lighter color. Choosing lighter colors will create a sense of expansiveness. That is hack number one.

Scale Down Furniture

Sometimes living room space can be narrow, in such cases, choose leaner table and wall scones. This will help you to save much-needed floor space. You can choose tight-back sofas and even club chairs for seating. Also, consider having wall-mount shelve and floating desk. This hack number two will make sure that you have enough space to install a workstation.

Creative Layout

Limited space challenge required creative layout solutions. When your living room is narrow but long, then it is recommended to place sofas back-to-back to allow for two seating areas.

Visual Interest

There are several fixtures that can help you light your room. You can go for different heights of lighting to draw your eye to different areas of the room. Moreover, having different lighting height will make your room feel bigger and more interesting. Best interior Designer in Pune also recommends adding larger attention, for example, a piece of art. You can try an eye-catching gallery wall or artwork too.

Selection of Furniture

With a room with tight space, it can be bit tempting for everyone to push big furniture up against the wall. Basically, this creates a pool of open space in the middle. This pool of space can be extremely liberating and can be used to serve other purpose as well. You can use this space to keep a couch and chrome chairs. Careful transformation of space also leads to good communication.

Café-Style Starting

Have you tried eating dinner at small coffee table? It is really isn’t possible, of course, unless you don’t mind hunching over. For a single person or a couple, a massive dining table room is a waste of space. So, if your living room needs a dining table, then perhaps you can go for a round café table. You can also use it in events, for example, birthday parties, welcoming parties, etc.

Seating and Desk

Small space gives a picture-perfect place to stash seating, a console, and a desk. You can stack up against your desk with a lamp, books and a key hanger.

Using Rugs

Lastly, you can visually set apart floated seating area in middle, you can choose a rug larger than a couch and matching chair. Make sure to get a rug that doesn’t extend all the way to the walls, instead, café dining area and desk shout sit outside its edges.

Wrapping Up

It is essential to add visual cues to a small space. With strategical planning and little help, and using these eight hacks, you can make your small space living room appear bigger, brighter and bold. So, what are you waiting for getting the best living room furniture in Pune today and set up your room to match your own fashion statement.

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