Your Ultimate Guide To DIY Furniture Cleaning: Introducing Top Easy Ways

“Investing your time and energy in keeping home furniture clean will make it look more attractive. Also, it can add charm to your living room. Alongside tidying home make sure to keep furniture clean as well. In many cases, people overlook benefits of dusting and vacuuming their furniture. It is highly recommended to follow proper instructions while cleaning home or office furniture.” – Alex Bogtrotter, executive interior designer.

Here is list of top tips by Mark Gobble, owner and service provider of a home cleansing agency.


With regular vacuuming you can be sure that your furniture looks attractive and stays same longer. You can make effort to clean the cracks and crevices of sofa, between cushions, and area where you cannot reach by hand – use vacuum cleaner. Before you use a solvent or cleaner – make that you research and read about its effect on furniture. This is because there is plethora of solvent in market and they can be only used with specific furniture. Here, check-out for these tags:
1. W: Means, use only water-based detergent
2. S: It means, you should clean it with water-free products, for example, dry solvent.
3. WS: You can use both water-based cleaner or water-free cleaner
4. X: It means professional cleaning only.

Quick tip: Research your interior on online custom furniture store and know more about everything related to furniture. You can also order furniture online.

DIY Water-Based Cleaner At Home

You can fill one spray bottle with mix of water, couple of dish detergent (use liquid), one spoon of white vinegar and pinches of baking soda. Now shake it up well and you have your very own water-based cleaner.

Test Your Detergent

Once your preparation is complete, now use a sponge dip it into detergent mixture and then rub some on back or underside of sofa. Basically, the motive here is to test the mixture – so make sure to clean some inconspicuous spot. Wipe the spot dry with a cloth and let it air dry. In case you see any discoloration then stop using that detergent immediately.

Use a sponge and rub your mixture into furniture, allow detergent to sit and penetrate. One of best ways to use extensive cleaning sessions and to act quickly. Treating spilling before they settle can save you a fortune. But, in case your furniture no longer serves your purpose then perhaps it is time to buy a new one. You can get modern furniture for office and personal space online. If you are Pune then go to online custom furniture store and make your order. It is simple, easy and affordable.

Leather Furniture

Cleaning leather is different from cleaning other materials. Whether you have year-old sofa or an antique – when it comes to cleaning make sure to soft brush only. You can regularly vacuum your leader sofa to keep it in healthy condition. For deep cleansing mix about 1 to 2 tablespoon of mild dish detergent in warm water (use small bucket). Once this mixture is soapy, dip a clean cloth and wipe down dirty area. Use only mild dish detergent. Make sure that you keep your leather furniture away from direct sunlight. You can use vinegar and linseed oil to nourish leather on furniture.

Wood Furniture

When cleaning wooden furniture if in case you are unsure about where to begin then perhaps take some more time to do your homework. Wooden furniture can be very sensitive. Make sure, to begin with only using a mild cleaner. As a rule of thumb, wooden furniture doesn’t use much water. You can use a dry clean cloth to wipe off loose dust. Please avoid using feather duster for wooden furniture instead use cloth.

Acrylic and Lucite Furniture

Millions of people use Acrylic and Lucite Furniture as it requires minimum care. It is easy to clean-off flecks of dirt and grim. You can use clean cloth to wipe dirt down from your furniture. Avoid glass cleaner on acrylic furniture – use plastic polish to remove scratches.

Wrapping Up

It is easy to clean-up your furniture when you have identified correct ways to do it. You must take care of your furniture using gentle tools. Brushing your furniture will help you to keep it clean and to serve you for a long time.

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