Ultimate 12 Ways To Crush It Your First Open Floor Layout

Amazing open floor plans have features such as large open space, variety of light options and remarkable furniture. Currently, open floor plans are high on wish list for both home buyers and renters. Unfortunately, pulling together a completely open floor plan is not as easy as it might sound. Your open floor plan can easily lack things, such as warmth, intimacy, and privacy.

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If you have a good open floor layout plan then you can easily build a stylish and functional home. Keep reading and find out top 12 ways to crush it your first open floor layout plan. Once you have a general idea, you can rock an open floor layout.

List of top 12 ways to Crush It – Your first open floor layout: –

1. Conquer Your Space: First things first, you need to arrange your furniture away from walls. You can buy dining table from online custom furniture store and arrange it next to sofa set. Avoid placing dining table near to door and windows.

2. Use Rugs: Next, build a ‘room’ with an area rug. Using a shag which is a super soft cut pile rug with very long threads – it is good for low traffic area. You can use it as accent under table or under sofa set, or in front of TV.

3. Repeat Your Favorite Element: One of best ways to add your own style statement is by repeating an element within a space. Pick your favorite element and repeat it in each open floor plan section.

4. Cohesive Color Theme: You can determine your color personality by answering two simple questions. First, what color you are naturally drawn to? Second, what is color of your current home décor?

5. It’s About Flow: A good decoration and designed home are like a good pair of shoes. When you wear a good pair of shoes you don’t even notice them on your feet. Interior work in pretty much the same way.

6. Address The Floor And Ceiling: There is quite a number of people who will overlook floor and ceiling while placing new furniture. While designing interiors always consider floor and ceiling, because even a few feet of empty space can make a difference.

7. Multi-Function Furnishing: A key to make most innovative, space-maximizing living area and bedroom are utilizing multi-function furnishing. You can browse best furniture store in Pune and order multi-use products.

8. Rich Wall: Creating a crack-proof interior and exterior surface will help you to go versatile. Nowadays you can choose all-weather rich walls, give it contrasting color for depth and you are good to go.

9. Round Furnishing: Choosing round furniture is a necessary element. Round furniture is great for small space, also they create an appearance of increased space. Since there are no sharp edges, it is beneficial for a home with kids.

10. Room Divider: There are countless benefits of choosing a room divider, starting from space utilization to added privacy and noise reduction. Moreover, adding room dividers is a flexible option and can be used in variety of areas within one space.

11. Movable Furnishing: While giving your home space a complete makeover it deserves to make sure to go for movable furniture. You’ll be amazed at what a difference can a moving bed or couch can make. It can increase overall convenience.

12. Happier Space: In case you are bored with layout of your home, then it can make you feel depressed. A little change will do you mind a lot of good.

Wrapping Up

Adding and Re-arranging furniture in room is key to stay clutter-free. Using aforementioned tips, you’ll be able to better organize what you keep. For example, bedroom is usually a sea of laundry. One best way is to discard and donate items you don’t wear anymore. Remember a trick is to organize anything is first group like things together.

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