Minimum needs of Home Furniture

So you bought a new home and now ready to move in and looking for custom made furniture that meets your needs. You are exploring the market with some of the readymade products like beds, cupboards, sofa, and kitchen trolleys and can’t seem to make up the mind. Well, no worries. Here are the basic stuff that you need to make your home feel good.

Usually, there are two ways to do home furniture. You either buy everything readymade or custom built it based on your home furniture needs. Both options are good based on your requirement for quality, plywood, budget etc.
Whether you are buying readymade or custom built, following is the minimum that you should have. For your bedroom design, you hire an interior designer or pick a design off the internet to make your bedroom pleasant.
We will give your quick insights into your basic Bedroom Furniture requirements without burning a hole in your pocket.

Bed Room Furniture: We spend most of our time in our bed room and this room should be pleasing and have all the necessary furniture that you would need. Your furnishing and decoration will depend on the size of room.

Must have Furniture:
Double bed with storage: This should be built with durable quality of plywood and comfortable for people to sleep off. A nice bed would add more value to your sleep.
Wardrobe with mirrors: A functional wardrobe that allows for 2 members to keep their regular wear tidy and handy. This should have enough space to keep your clothes, accessories, suits etc.
Bedside Table: This table will be a value add to your bed and helps you keep your mobile, charging sockets and books. Ideally, you could also add a table light for bed time reading.
Bedroom Curtains: A nice looking curtain that covers your windows or any gallery doors will give you a pleasant experience without having to spend big money.

You are all set to rock with your chosen designs to make your Bedroom Furniture, more like you. Let us know your comments/thoughts on what you think is your bare minimum.

Aapkafurniture will bring you some new insights and ideas on your home furniture. Keep checking us out for new and innovative ideas for your home.

Let’s talk to discover how we can help with your dream home interiors.

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